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What Children Want Most for Christmas:The Artful Heart!


We want so much for our children to have a wonderful Christmas season! Sometimes we might get ourselves so busy trying to make that happen that we miss what they really want most. Children want the adults in their lives to make time for them and play with them.  It really doesn’t take much.  They are most excited about the Christmas gifts that will get you to sit down and play with them.  What children really want most for Christmas is YOU!

Arrange your time to have nothing to do but be a kid again on Christmas and you will make memories your children will never forget.  Long after the toys have lost their luster and broken down completely, memories of your love and attention will linger in the most treasured corner of your child’s heart.  If you do not take this time to be a kid again for a few short hours now and then with your child, there will remain an empty spot in the heart that no one else can fill. And you too will lose out on a blessing and memory that is priceless and never again to offer itself as an opportunity in just the same way.

I often caution young parent who struggle with the stress of very young children that a time will come when they long for a sticky  kiss, or a sleepy child with whom they can snuggle. These little ones are are on loan to us for such a short time and it is our honor to shape their memories and character.  The beautiful thing is that God placed within them a powerful desire to spend time with us! If we miss that opportunity…well…we miss it!

Sometimes people do not reach out to try to play with kids because they don’t know what to do. The internet has a vast database on free activities to do at home with kids. Just Google it and see what looks like fun. Better yet let you kids look with you and pick a fun activitie you both like.

Here are a few I have learned never fail…

  • Play board games they like.
  • Teach them board or card games you like.
  • Cook and bake with kids.
  • Have a window, balcony, or backyard campout with hot dogs, camp songs, flashlights, and story telling.
  • Make notes and cards for others with kids art.
  • Go for a walk, skate, or bike ride.
  • Exercise together with kids…Wii fit is great if you have one!
  • Sing and dance.
  • Go on a picture taking scavenger hunt.
  • Make stuff…any stuff!
  • Make up skits and vidoe shoots.
  • Read the same book and talk about it(In fact make sure you read what they read) I even learned to play the same video games so I could know their lingo and what the game makers might be sneaking into their heads.
  • Go lay down outside in the dark and study the stars.
  • Chase them around with spray string!
  • Set up an new blocks game, or train, or anything!
  • Take them Christmas shopping at the dollar store.
  • Put on a special theme party or banquet with them.

The key, as you can see is that you set aside time and make it a #1 priority on your calendar to build memories with your children. Artful relationships are built as you connect, listen, laugh(or cry), and pray together for the things most important in their world. One day they will be grown with children of their own and you will long for this kind of time. Don’t miss the chance to be significant NOW! Give the gift of YOURSELF…the gift that keeps on giving! HUGS!

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