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Rachelle Maddy Shows Us the Beauty of Haiti!

CD adj Rachelle

God has touched the heart of Rachelle Maddy, Haitian American. She is inspired to bring together other Haitians living outside Haiti and inspire them to reinvigorate the beauty and dignity of Haiti as the recovery efforts move forward.

Jeff and Cheri Douglas through PollyannaArt.com  and LibertyWorks.com pledge our support of these efforts in any way we can. The people of Haiti will only recover as they embrace a vision of themselves and their country that God has placed in their hearts. They need to believe in the beauty and dignity of Haiti and the love God has for the Haitian people. GO Rachelle Maddy!!! We will be your cheering team and anything else God gives us the ability to be for you. Your love, pride and commitment for your country are God breathed! He wants all people to live with liberty in the beauty and freedom He designed!

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