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About Cheri

Cheri Douglas is a conservative Christian artist, writer, public speaker, and actress.  You can join @CheriDouglas for morning Bible study and prayer daily, where she chats and prays with those who come to start their day with the Lord.

Cheri has been a management consultant and team building  facilitator/trainer/coach for nearly 25 years. Lots of experience consulting in huge bureaucracies, makes her an outspoken advocate for small business, small government,  and the United States Constitution.

Born to atheist parents, Cheri was dumped very young into the care of her grandmother and abusive alcoholic grandfather. She led both her grandmother and her mother to Christ shortly before their deaths. Today she stands amazed at the saving grace and care of her Lord, Jesus Christ. Her greatest source of pride??? “I thank God for placing my soul in this amazing country and giving me family and friends who enrich the blessings of each new day.”

Divorced early in life, she was a single mom for 10 years. She is now the wife of 25 years to @Boomerjeff of www.LibertyWorks.com, mother of two, grandmother of 9, and mommy to two cats, one dog, and a pure white dove that flew into her backyard, hopped on her finger and stayed!

Cheri spends her spare time pursuing The Artful Life and teaching others to do the same. She is a leader of small youth group ministries, women’s Bible studies, and performing theatre arts.

Cheri has many faces!

Cheri has many faces!